Friends of Nomads was established out of a heightened awareness of the serious risk of illiteracy among the children of nomad families, and a sense of social responsibility to make a difference and improve the lives of children.

Friends of Nomads are effectively the people who are touched and inspired by the compelling cause of elevating a child’s future.
Friends of Nomads are Individuals who believe a child should have access to the basic right to an education.
Friends of Nomads are ordinary people supporting an extraordinary movement.
Friends of Nomads are engaged in investing in a child’s future.

Who Will Benefit
Everyone, most especially children deserve the right to a basic education and an opportunity to advance their future with hope.
Without support and assistance, the children of the Nomads, as a result of their traditional lifestyle, are at risk of growing into adulthood without the benefit of a basic education and life skills to ensure their access to opportunities they need to succeed on their own in their future life.

How Friends Can Help
Proceeds from this fund raising will be used directly and exclusively to benefit the project.
For Every tour booked with RoughTours Company, a percentage of the total cost will be set aside for the fund.
Cash donations or financial assistance from friends and partners will be accepted.
An accessible source of clean water for drinking and livestock: wells built in the middle of semi-desert areas are the typical source of water for most Nomads. Their locations however are far and in between the camps where Nomads tend to live. More wells need to be built in the vicinity of where Nomads live.
Donations of clothes, especially warm winter clothes, outerwear, shoes.
Writing stationery (paper, pens, pencils)
Donation of bicycles for the children’s transportation to educational facilities.
Share the link to this website with family, friends who can and will help the cause.

What the Nomads Need:
Basic primary education is the focus of this project. The ability to read and write will have life changing impact on each child’s future life.
Other life support system and basic life necessities however are critical in laying the groundwork for achieving the ultimate goal of education.

Education is a basic human right – its benefits are long lasting, and have direct links to making individuals contribute to the community and inspire self-confidence and promote self-reliance.