The Management and team of guides at RoughTours Company have the unenviable role of witnessing and assessing the growing concern of illiteracy among the children of Nomads as they traverse the landscape around their locale on their tours.

RoughTours Company Manager, Youssef Boughrara, knows the value of an education; a product of a university education himself, he has remained true to his traditional origins and has continued to be sensitive to and monitor the unique challenges of the Nomads in the area. He is a passionate advocate for child literacy on a basic and local level.
While driving in the desert, Youssef and his brother Himmi encountered two young nomads tending to their goats. They engaged them in conversation but when asked their ages, they could not tell them. For the brothers, it was a sad realization of the enormity and urgency of the problem facing this generation of children who can neither read nor write. It was the moment of truth that gave rise to the idea of reversing the inevitable and unfortunate course of destiny for these children.

Youssef and RoughTours Company could not do this enormous undertaking alone, but recognized the potential of leveraging his business connections, customers and travel partners in pursuit of a simple but effective and sustainable solution to the Nomads’ most urgent challenge. Together, with the generous support of these partners and friends, the Nomad children will get their education.
RoughTours Company, is proud to be the main supporter and partner of the literacy fund for Ramlia’s Nomad children.